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If we look at history of the human race, it can be seen that society has transcended from a barbaric, refractory and uncultured one, to a far more civilized. more..




This is to inform you that  as per the instructions  from the  C.B.S.E. Our new website  will begin on Wednesday, 17th  July, 2013.

Therefore, all the students  are requested to view the school  regularly for latest information

Sun High School

Sun High School is premier CBSE School Situated in Patna surroundings covering 02 acres of land, the school provides ample facilities for studyt, sport and recreation.

We are committed to provide best possible exceptional education. It intends to offer not only up-to-date knowledge through modern techniques but seeks to develop the creativity and full inner potential of the students. It emphasizes a balance development of the child personality so that he may be able to face the challenge of competition for various careers, professions and fare well in life. The school envisions a creative synthesis in each child of intelligence, emotions, scientific temper, communicative skill and art of life. It focuses on each individual child, allowing them to learn and develop to their full potential.

The motto of our school society is to develop in the students qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, compassion and to make the child smart, bold and competitive with these aims constantly in mind, it is our Endeavour to develop in each student

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